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General information

We want everyone to have a good time. Please follow these three simple rules for a night to remember.

  1. No screaming like a mad man.
  2. Enjoy the booze drinks but don’t get drunk like a monkey on palm wine.
  3. We have zero tolerance for unruly behavior.

The night kicks off at 20:00 at Zephyr Pub (Michalská 13, Praha 1)

Our boat is docked Dvořákovo nábřezi. Dock 10 Praha 1.

Depending on your ticket purchase, you can meet us at the Zephyr Pub until 22:30 or at the front of the boat at 22:50 to check-in.

Guarantee your spot by booking your ticket here.

Or you can buy in cash at Zephyr Pub (Michalská 13, Praha 1) between 20:00-22:30 or in front of the boat at 22:50.

We have three packages to cater to every budget and experience. Click here to view our packages.

You must arrive by 22:45 to check your ticket in and board for the 23:00 departure. We do not refund tickets for late arrivals. So plan your route to the boat in advance.

18+. If you are accompanied by a legal guardian, you can join the boat party but not the pre-party or after party.

No card, no worries. You can buy a ticket with cash between 22:00-22:30. Visit Zephyr Pub (Michalská 13, Praha 1). Or you can buy a ticket in front of the boat at 22:50 prior to departure.

Each event caters to 70-500 fun-loving party goers. So it’s like a nightclub on the sea.

Our DJs are masters on the decks. They spin anything and everything from R&B, Hip-Hop, House, Electronic, Latin and Reggaeton.

Our bar and dance floor is indoor. You’ll stay toasty-warm indoors while our DJ lays down the beats on those crisp winter nights.

Unlike ordinary pub crawls and nightlife companies that visit the same club each night, we do it differently. Our DJs play and promote at some of the hottest clubs all over Prague. So every night we mix it and visit 2-3 clubs to keep the party raving!

Let’s be honest. Guys who ask this spend more time chilling with Netflix instead of Netflix and chill. Our Boat Party Prague promoters canvas the city every day to bring in the sexiest customers who love to party.

Whether you’re visiting Prague for a holiday or New Year’s Eve getaway, you’ll love every minute of our booze cruise parties. For many years now, we’ve topped many ‘Things to do in Prague’ and ‘Best party in Prague’ lists.

We can’t have you weeing off the side of the boat! All of our boats have tidy toilet facilities. Be warned though: on super busy nights, there can be a queue. We recommend you visit the loo at the Pre-party to avoid wait times.



Pre-Party bar

Bar in Prague 1

The address is written on your ticket
Prague 1, Czechia


Boat location

Boat Party Prague Dock 10

Dvořákovo nábřeží,
Praha 1, Czechia


After-Party Club

Every night we go to different clubs and you can only go to the club that is scheduled for that night.

Please be sure to read all the Rules before going out to party